Coaching packages range from $50 to $500. Clients usually coach with me for anywhere from 6 weeks to 3 years. Take a look at the coaching offerings, courses, services and products I offer for sale. You can also make a payment directly below. Thanks for stopping by!


  • The Christian Based Life


    I'm happy to assist in opening doors where challenges exist, such as in personal fears, relationships, communications and more.

    RRP $300.00 USD
    Save 8%
    $275.00 USD
    every Month for 1 year
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Product & Services

  • eBook: Faith's Illusions


    Laurel Kingston is planning her wedding to fellow reporter Carter Bradley, but life in Phoenix is a big transition for this southern girl.

    RRP $7.99 USD
    Save 13%
    $6.99 USD
    Not rated yet
  • eBook: Living in God's Rest: At Peace in a Chaotic World


    “Living in God’s Rest is a practical guide to learning to relax into God’s loving arms." —Sandi Browne

    RRP $3.99 USD
    Save 25%
    $2.99 USD
    Not rated yet
  • eBook: Masked in Deceit


    A zealous young newspaper reporter, must come to terms with challenges in romance, trust issues, and the complex world of politics.

    RRP $4.99 USD
    Save 20%
    $3.99 USD
    Not rated yet

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